Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wyoming Wildlife is for the frogs!

Cheap Motel, Hope the sheets are clean. Be careful who you talk to in the parking lot of these type of places.

This made me feel at home.

I found these cute little girls that took me under their wing. There is a lot of mosquitoes here, I am very full.

I'm having fun meeting new people, we ate deep fried gizzards from a deli. Yee Haw!

This is more my kind of food: French Toast and Bacon! mmmmm

Dear Traveling Mate,
Thanks for the awesome adventure! It sure was a blast to try new things, like riding on a motorcycle, and eating gizzards. What an experience that will be for me to tell my grand kids! About my other travel partner that UGLY bunny, at first I thought this won't be too bad other than he doesn't ever talk, but then we were best friends and he wouldn't ever just be quiet so i could take a nap! But it was all fun. It was also fun to meet some people of a younger generation, I haven't played with kids since I was a kid!
Thanks for taking me with you!
Mr. T.F.

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