Thursday, August 21, 2008

So we made it to Alaska and back without any major hitches. Here is some evidence.

Here we are waiting to board a little plane to begin out journey to Alaska via Seattle.
Thought of the day: Why don't designers make airport furniture more comfortable?

Not being accustomed to being in a boat we took every precaution there was to be had.
Thought of the day: Life jackets should not be One Size Fits All!

As time went on we got more sure of out bent up aluminum skiff and took to just being able to reach the life jackets.
Thought of the day: Frogs float! (don't they?)

Almost stupid with confidence we began to play on the boat as if we were on land.
Thought of the day: We are in Alaska, were are the ice burgs, the polar bears, and the penguins!?

Now that we were more comfortable in the boat, we could get down to some fishy business.
Thought of the day: Fishing is not fishing unless there is cold beer within reach at all times.

We had some nice catches of Rock Cod, Red Snapper, Sea Cod, Humpback Salmon, Halibut, and even Sand Sharks.
Thought of the day: How come there hasn't been an automatic fish fillet machine invented?

Here is a view of the down town look of Ketchikan. Very dangerous for frogs.
Thought of the day: Why are traveling frogs so big? They should fit better in a back pack!

We toured a very big collection of authentic totem poles. If you look close, I (Mr. Traveling Frog) am sitting on the arm of the lowest character.
Thought of the day: Totem is a funny word.

We even found a lodge for Natives to make the totem poles. Once again I (Mr. T.F.) am barely visible in this gigantic doorway in the pole.
Thought of the day: Native pole carvers must have been very tall.

We spent a lot of time on and Island, in a little cabin, where I met a very good friend named "Gnome Body".
Thought of the day: Gnomes don't talk much.

Dear Traveling Mate,
I had such a great time with you in Alaska, all the fishing and sight seeing was awesome. It was great to be able to make some new friends. I think I will miss Gnome Body just a little bit. Be sure to keep in touch, and watch to see what exciting adventure I will go on next! As for me, in the mean time I will be working on my new invention the "Fishmatic 2500". You guessed it! It is an automatic fish fillet machine!
Thanks Again