Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Note....

Hi TF's mate!
Just wanted to let you know TF has hopped along up the canyon for a farm stay with my friend, Carmen. He immediately found a beautiful spot to relax next to a Celtic-looking fellow. I'm fairly certain he'll enjoy the daily goat milking parade that will trot right by.

Thanks for letting us share in his adventure.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Central Coast California

The frog is getting around here on the Central Coast.

Last week he was camping on the shores of Lopez Lake where he enjoyed some good swims, through the water was quite low.

Over the weekend, he took in the sites as the Dilly Dally Dog Parade - a costumed occasion for dogs (and one cat).
We've tried to pass him on to new hosts, but no one is biting. So, with us he remains, safe, and entertained.

Traveling Mate Jen,
I am quite enjoying my time with your family. Your girls make me laugh, a lot! They are so very smart I cannot believe it!
Thanks for taking my camping, now that was neat. The great outdoors, I love to be outside, and by a lake - that's what I am talking about. I feel confident in saying that I could have stayed there the rest of my days, but alas adventure calls me!
A dog parade! Oh my I never would have known that is happens. Thanks for taking me there, it educated me on dog costumes!
Till My Next Adventure
-Mr. T.F.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Frog Finds Way to California

That's right, after a long, tough, sometimes hot, certainly sometimes frightening trip across the center of the continent, TF is surfing the fine waves of Central California. Unfortunately, while his new hosts do take a plethora of pictures, TF has been quite busy leaping from here to there, so he doesn't always make it into the photos, but his hosts are growing wise and have captured him now and again.

Here he is taking in the stats on the Texas/Oklahoma state line. He liked Texas with all its mosquitos.

I needed a little holding after we hit that VULTURE! Couldn't the driver have leaped over it or something? You shoulda seen the windshield after it was over. SHEESH!

Seeing the sites in Chaco Canyon, Chaco Culture National Historic Monument, New Mexico. My hostesses took a 5 mile hike, but I refused to join them. What are you KIDDING? Five miles through a DESERT!? Not on THIS frog's life! Still, I found some ruins not far from my water source.

Next up? Who knows? My hosts traveled 9,611 miles, the last 1000 or so with me. So they swear they're staying home for awhile. Yeah...we'll see about that!

Jen in Orcutt, CA

Dear Traveling Mate Jen!
That vulture was very frightening! I am glad that I was in a vehicle with sides for that expierence! Staying home for a bit sounds great, but I guess I will see what you mean when you say "stay home."
Thanks for letting me tag along.
Mr. T.F.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wyoming Wildlife is for the frogs!

Cheap Motel, Hope the sheets are clean. Be careful who you talk to in the parking lot of these type of places.

This made me feel at home.

I found these cute little girls that took me under their wing. There is a lot of mosquitoes here, I am very full.

I'm having fun meeting new people, we ate deep fried gizzards from a deli. Yee Haw!

This is more my kind of food: French Toast and Bacon! mmmmm

Dear Traveling Mate,
Thanks for the awesome adventure! It sure was a blast to try new things, like riding on a motorcycle, and eating gizzards. What an experience that will be for me to tell my grand kids! About my other travel partner that UGLY bunny, at first I thought this won't be too bad other than he doesn't ever talk, but then we were best friends and he wouldn't ever just be quiet so i could take a nap! But it was all fun. It was also fun to meet some people of a younger generation, I haven't played with kids since I was a kid!
Thanks for taking me with you!
Mr. T.F.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Traveling by Motorcycle

I left Utah on Sunday September 21 traveling by Motorcycle, it's fun!
Tonight I am in Grand Island, Nebraska at Motel 6, there is also a very UGLY bunny traveling with us.
We are heading to Oklahoma, updates to follow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Picture! please?

So I have grown tired of my current profile picture!
Will someone please take a new profile picture for me to post?
Frogs are no good with cameras!
Thank You

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Mini Adventure!

My new taste for adventure is getting fulfilled a little at a time. This last week I traveled by Train.

Hesitant at first like with all new things, I explored the train before it even inched forward.
My thought at that point: Trains are greasy, frogs should not be.

The little city of Heber, in Utah, has a fun train adventure, suitable for young and old (and green!).

Noisy and bumpy are the words that come to mind about the ride, beside beautiful and fantastic.
My thought at that point: I learned today that each Train engineer has their own specific whistle pattern they blow at crossings.

Near the train area was a great TINY City of Midway Utah. They were just getting ready for a big Swiss celebration in their park.
Here I am hiding from the hot sun under the legs of a new acquaintance.
My thought at that point: Don't become too friendly with horn blowers, they are full of hot air.

One small step for Traveling Frog, One Giant Leap for Frog Kind! I rode a horse! Horses are not amphibian friendly.

Glad, when riding was done, I barely had enough nerve to stand by my previous transporter.
My thought at that point: Trust of such a large equine is hard to muster when you weigh less than his tongue.

Dear Traveling Mate,
Thanks for letting me go on a mini adventure with you! I am still not too sure about those horses though. Maybe I will pass on horses again, but who knows maybe even this little green guy can muster up some more courage! I wonder what will happen to me next... Time can only tell.
Thanks Again

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So we made it to Alaska and back without any major hitches. Here is some evidence.

Here we are waiting to board a little plane to begin out journey to Alaska via Seattle.
Thought of the day: Why don't designers make airport furniture more comfortable?

Not being accustomed to being in a boat we took every precaution there was to be had.
Thought of the day: Life jackets should not be One Size Fits All!

As time went on we got more sure of out bent up aluminum skiff and took to just being able to reach the life jackets.
Thought of the day: Frogs float! (don't they?)

Almost stupid with confidence we began to play on the boat as if we were on land.
Thought of the day: We are in Alaska, were are the ice burgs, the polar bears, and the penguins!?

Now that we were more comfortable in the boat, we could get down to some fishy business.
Thought of the day: Fishing is not fishing unless there is cold beer within reach at all times.

We had some nice catches of Rock Cod, Red Snapper, Sea Cod, Humpback Salmon, Halibut, and even Sand Sharks.
Thought of the day: How come there hasn't been an automatic fish fillet machine invented?

Here is a view of the down town look of Ketchikan. Very dangerous for frogs.
Thought of the day: Why are traveling frogs so big? They should fit better in a back pack!

We toured a very big collection of authentic totem poles. If you look close, I (Mr. Traveling Frog) am sitting on the arm of the lowest character.
Thought of the day: Totem is a funny word.

We even found a lodge for Natives to make the totem poles. Once again I (Mr. T.F.) am barely visible in this gigantic doorway in the pole.
Thought of the day: Native pole carvers must have been very tall.

We spent a lot of time on and Island, in a little cabin, where I met a very good friend named "Gnome Body".
Thought of the day: Gnomes don't talk much.

Dear Traveling Mate,
I had such a great time with you in Alaska, all the fishing and sight seeing was awesome. It was great to be able to make some new friends. I think I will miss Gnome Body just a little bit. Be sure to keep in touch, and watch to see what exciting adventure I will go on next! As for me, in the mean time I will be working on my new invention the "Fishmatic 2500". You guessed it! It is an automatic fish fillet machine!
Thanks Again

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hooray! for Summer!

Awww Summer!
Time to travel!
I wonder where I will end up!
If I happen to come traveling with you please remember to feed me, I love to eat flies!