Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Central Coast California

The frog is getting around here on the Central Coast.

Last week he was camping on the shores of Lopez Lake where he enjoyed some good swims, through the water was quite low.

Over the weekend, he took in the sites as the Dilly Dally Dog Parade - a costumed occasion for dogs (and one cat).
We've tried to pass him on to new hosts, but no one is biting. So, with us he remains, safe, and entertained.

Traveling Mate Jen,
I am quite enjoying my time with your family. Your girls make me laugh, a lot! They are so very smart I cannot believe it!
Thanks for taking my camping, now that was neat. The great outdoors, I love to be outside, and by a lake - that's what I am talking about. I feel confident in saying that I could have stayed there the rest of my days, but alas adventure calls me!
A dog parade! Oh my I never would have known that is happens. Thanks for taking me there, it educated me on dog costumes!
Till My Next Adventure
-Mr. T.F.

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