Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grandma and the Travel Frog

TF has not been totally lost. After spending a couple of months guarding the yard for Jenni's friend Carmen, TF hitched a ride to Southern California with me. On the way down from Jenni's I stopped near Gaviota, California, so TF could bask in the rays and enjoy the view of the Pacific.
Totally forgot to take him to Washington State with me last weekend (that comes under the DUH category); however, to make up for that omission I will be inquiring of the English cousins coming to visit the end of next month whether they have an interest in giving TF the English/European tour treatment. Meanwhile, we'll see if we can get a few snaps of him in and around Greater LA.
At this exact moment he's riding shotgun in my car - now all I need to do is remember to take the camera with me on my travels and his ongoing sojourn will be memorialized for posterity (or at least for you).
Have a great weekend!


siteseeingcyndi said...

Frogs normally burrow under mud or foliage and hibernate for the winter months so he is just following his habits. Now its becoming spring he found an adventure mate.

JenPB said...

I can't believe Frog hasn't reported his whereabouts! I believe he's now in Europe somewhere. Last time he left me a ribbit, there was some talk of Somerset County, England! FROGGIE! oh FROOOOOOOOOGGGGYYYYY!