Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Mini Adventure!

My new taste for adventure is getting fulfilled a little at a time. This last week I traveled by Train.

Hesitant at first like with all new things, I explored the train before it even inched forward.
My thought at that point: Trains are greasy, frogs should not be.

The little city of Heber, in Utah, has a fun train adventure, suitable for young and old (and green!).

Noisy and bumpy are the words that come to mind about the ride, beside beautiful and fantastic.
My thought at that point: I learned today that each Train engineer has their own specific whistle pattern they blow at crossings.

Near the train area was a great TINY City of Midway Utah. They were just getting ready for a big Swiss celebration in their park.
Here I am hiding from the hot sun under the legs of a new acquaintance.
My thought at that point: Don't become too friendly with horn blowers, they are full of hot air.

One small step for Traveling Frog, One Giant Leap for Frog Kind! I rode a horse! Horses are not amphibian friendly.

Glad, when riding was done, I barely had enough nerve to stand by my previous transporter.
My thought at that point: Trust of such a large equine is hard to muster when you weigh less than his tongue.

Dear Traveling Mate,
Thanks for letting me go on a mini adventure with you! I am still not too sure about those horses though. Maybe I will pass on horses again, but who knows maybe even this little green guy can muster up some more courage! I wonder what will happen to me next... Time can only tell.
Thanks Again

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